Easy DIY Winter Swags from Tree Leftovers (and Mr. D&D’s Creche)

I don’t know if we’re ever actually “done” decorating for the holidays…we love playing with lights, I guess. This Sunday, Mr. and I had some fun “finishing up” the outdoor decorations. I get the lights up early…but I don’t finish until the first week in December. Why?  I’m waiting for the (nearly) free Christmas decorations. You know those lovely fresh pine […]

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The Story of K and How She Turned Me into a Stripper – Part 2 (of 2)

You’ll have to forgive me for the original “Story of K” post. We watch a lot of old movies and the whole “noir” thing was stuck in my head. I kept narrating all of my household chores. “Em slowly carried the bundle up the stairs, marking her travels like Hansel and Gretel…but it wasn’t breadcrumbs strewn behind her…it was socks and underwear […]

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Norma Desmond - Sunset Boulevard

The Story of “K” and How She Turned Me into a Stripper – Part 1

“Still in the dress she used to wear, faded feathers in her hair, she sits there so refined.”                                                                                     […]

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Kitchen fabric choices

Sneak Preview

With summer vacations at an end and all the kiddos back in school, it’s time for me to set some goals for (finally) getting much of our decor to tie in with our new paint colors. (I know this is backwards…but this is how we roll.) I have a VERY long list, but these are the top priorities (with an occasional diversionary craft […]

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Front Door Decor with a DIY Mackenzie-Childs Frame

My mailbox adventure inspired me to finish a couple of other projects, one of which I started about two years ago that was hidden stored in my craft graveyard in the basement. When making these curb-appeal crafts, I have to remind myself of the Mary Poppins mantra, “enough is as good as a feast.” I want things tied together…but not […]

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Why I’m Here….

I think I became an “inspiration junkie.” Maybe you’ve suffered from it: you surreally gaze at DIY and home improvement blogs, websites, Pinterest, etc, gleaning a never ending supply of tips and ideas.  You begin to believe that when everyone else makes their bed, they do it with a Kreg Jig… Truth is, somewhere along the line I started losing my […]

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