Living Room Plan

I mentioned recently that we’re in a bit of a redecorating mode (Ha ha. Aren’t we always?)… We have one year left before our youngest starts college, so this could be a very narrow financial window to make that investment. We’ve always bought our furniture piecemeal in the past, with budget as the primary design element. Here’s the typical scenario: […]

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“Uncle!” (Using a Professional to Help with Decisions)

I had ZERO idea when I woke up today that I would be writing this post. If you’ve spent any time in my archives (when I was all alone here), you’d know about my frequent bouts of decorating paralysis…like here and here. I know when I like something, but don’t always know how to choose something similar for myself. Wall […]

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Kitchen fabric choices

Sneak Preview

With summer vacations at an end and all the kiddos back in school, it’s time for me to set some goals for (finally) getting much of our decor to tie in with our new paint colors. (I know this is backwards…but this is how we roll.) I have a VERY long list, but these are the top priorities (with an occasional diversionary craft […]

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