Hang your solar chandelier from tree branches

Garden Lighting Options – Solar Chandeliers

Summer is winding down and pretty soon I’ll be back to my growing list of indoor projects… But NOT TODAY! One of my favorite Pinterest/Google searches involves garden lighting.  I love how people use different techniques to illuminate their yards.  Some of those photos are so beautiful…magical, even. And some are totally bogus (I’m looking at you, brightly illuminated “glow-in the-dark” planter […]

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Options for a Round Pedestal End Table – Buy or DIY?

Our upholstered furniture will be coming later this month (see this for more details)…and although I’m behind (not surprisingly) in my preparations, one of the tasks on my to do list is to come up with an option for this Round Pedestal End Table. This is the table that was suggested by the decorator (official decision maker) for our family […]

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