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Shhh! Let’s Not Tell Laurel Bern About These Pillows

A few months ago, I suggested a terrific article by interior design blogger Laurel Bern. It was a details-matter article about an everyday accessory, one that I agree can add so much to a room. The Little Known Truth About Throw Pillows was kind of eye-opening for me, I loved the “rules” about pillows: what makes them special, what makes […]

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Everyday Adventures …. and a Recommendation for Your Must-Read List

One of the everyday adventures that has occupied some of our time this year is eldercare. Mr. D&D and I are blessed to still have three of our four parents, ranging in age from 80 to 92. The opportunity to help your parents is a gift…and we’re shoulder high in opportunity this month. So, I’m just checking in to say that […]

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