storage ottoman with coffee bean sacks

DIY Tufted Top Storage Ottoman with Repurposed Coffee Sacks

I ended up building my DIY Tufted Top Storage Ottoman using repurposed coffee bean bags.   LOL, now it really is a “coffee table”! Done! Finished! Completed! You might remember that my plan was to make something like this storage ottoman from Ballard Designs.   But while driving around the southern tier of Western New York, we happened upon a […]

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Take it from the top: DIY Tufted Storage Ottoman/Coffee Table

I finished the top for my DIY tufted storage ottoman/coffee table and I have to say I am really happy with how it turned out! The in-house reviews are also VERY positive so far…one child wants to steal it for a headboard (I’ll have to add that to my list). I guess that also means that I can go ahead […]

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Tufting Map for DIY Storage Ottoman

I’m excited to finally begin my deep-tufted oversized storage ottoman! I feel like I’ve done my homework and am ready to take on the challenge. I won’t start off with a supply list (but, if this is successful, I promise I’ll end with one). The first thing I want to tackle is what I think will be the most complex […]

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