S-a-D for November – “Blogging Ban” Lifted!

Well, I finally finished my major spring…summer…fall project!  That means two things: First, I have lifted my self-imposed “ban” on regular-ish blogging activities, and second, I will owe you a post about said project (but you can see a few sneak peeks in this Sentence-A-Day for November post. Seatbelts fastened? 11.1  We had ZERO (ZIP, ZILCH, NADA) trick or treaters […]

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Sentence(ish)-a-Day for July

I’m still participating in the Sentence-a-Day project that JTouchofStyle introduced me to last month. I met a nice group of welcoming women who are hosting/participating…and am enjoying this little on-line diary exercise. July? Here goes: 7/1  Starting to feel a little better post surgery. 7/2  I. Am. SO. Bored!!!! 7/3  Back on my feet and motoring around the house. 7/4 […]

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