DIY Treatment for Emerald Ash Borers

As frugalistas, we’ve been spending some time over the last year or so seeking a DIY treatment for Emerald Ash Borers (EAB). We’ve been hearing over the past several years that the Ash Borer epidemic was on it’s way to Western New York.  It’s spreading throughout the northern hemisphere at an incredible rate, and, according to the EAB Network has killed hundreds of millions of […]

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Front Door Decor with a DIY Mackenzie-Childs Frame

My mailbox adventure inspired me to finish a couple of other projects, one of which I started about two years ago that was hidden stored in my craft graveyard in the basement. When making these curb-appeal crafts, I have to remind myself of the Mary Poppins mantra, “enough is as good as a feast.” I want things tied together…but not […]

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Curb-appeal Craft: House Number Plaque

I had a blast playing with ModPodge last week. It’s so simple to use and, though I like to paint things, using MP saves loads of time.   With the new decorative mailbox finished, I wanted to complete a couple of other pieces for a unified look outside. Admittedly, I was having a lot of “Oh… I could also use […]

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A New Decorative Mailbox

I’ve always enjoyed special decorative mailboxes. There’s are a wide variety of curbside interpretations as to what constitutes “special,” including wood add-ons that turn them into animal shapes, but mine tend to feature some type of hand-painted element—usually flowers. Most of the mailboxes in our neighborhood are the larger, rural sized versions, and my last one featured Mackenzie-Childs-inspired checks. Although […]

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Murray's Hosta Farm, hosta garden, shade garden, hosta varieties, flowering hostas

Hosta Garden: a Shady Solution

My mom has always been a fan of hostas, a leafy garden staple for shady spots. I thought they were nice, but preferred the color punch of annuals and flowering perennials. Hubs was not a fan at all…he thought they were boring. Until now. Now we’re in hostalove. The great change? We visited a hosta farm…yes, there is such a […]

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Oh, Deer…(Deterrent)!

  With a new hosta garden nearly completed (more on that later), we wanted to keep our latest plantings from becoming a wildlife salad bar. I’ve found a lot of great tips on Pinterest and elsewhere about using Irish Spring soap as a deer deterrent. We’ve been using it the for past few years and I have to say, I […]

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