DIY Stacked Stone Retaining Wall – Part 2

Yeesh!  Nothing will make you appreciate a Buffalo winter like building a two-layer DIY stacked stone retaining wall in July! It’s been hot, hard, heavy work; but we’re really happy we did it. 🙂  A bonus: Mr. DustandDoghair and I worked on it together AND we’ve both lived to tell the tale! Not a bad month’s work for this headstrong pairing […]

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A DIY Stacked Stone Wall – Part 1

Mr. D&D and I have always loved stacked stone walls. We’ve long been inspired by this very lengthy wall that borders a main road near our neighborhood. …as well as this mortared one in front of an old farm that we pass by regularly. We’ve also noticed short rows of stacked stone in front of many homes as part of their […]

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DIY Treatment for Emerald Ash Borers

As frugalistas, we’ve been spending some time over the last year or so seeking a DIY treatment for Emerald Ash Borers (EAB). We’ve been hearing over the past several years that the Ash Borer epidemic was on it’s way to Western New York.  It’s spreading throughout the northern hemisphere at an incredible rate, and, according to the EAB Network has killed hundreds of millions of […]

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Murray's Hosta Farm, hosta garden, shade garden, hosta varieties, flowering hostas

Hosta Garden: a Shady Solution

My mom has always been a fan of hostas, a leafy garden staple for shady spots. I thought they were nice, but preferred the color punch of annuals and flowering perennials. Hubs was not a fan at all…he thought they were boring. Until now. Now we’re in hostalove. The great change? We visited a hosta farm…yes, there is such a […]

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