DIY Uplighting — Adding Year-round, Low-cost Magic to your Yard and Garden

I’m still outside playing with lights…and I have a $10 tip to share that can make magic in your yard. A few years ago, we received a holiday card from friends.  It included a picture of their kids in front of a tree in their yard.  The photo was taken in the evening during late autumn and although I did look […]

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Garden Lighting – “Magical” Ground Cover

It’s certainly not unusual to see people using clear Christmas string lights in their yard. I often see this beautiful photo (among others) on Pinterest:   But I have another way to use these lights that I haven’t seen posted yet: I light my ground cover. If you have pachysandra, english ivy, or some other dense, sturdy plant in your landscape, […]

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Hang your solar chandelier from tree branches

Garden Lighting Options – Solar Chandeliers

Summer is winding down and pretty soon I’ll be back to my growing list of indoor projects… But NOT TODAY! One of my favorite Pinterest/Google searches involves garden lighting.  I love how people use different techniques to illuminate their yards.  Some of those photos are so beautiful…magical, even. And some are totally bogus (I’m looking at you, brightly illuminated “glow-in the-dark” planter […]

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