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Shhh! Let’s Not Tell Laurel Bern About These Pillows

A few months ago, I suggested a terrific article by interior design blogger Laurel Bern. It was a details-matter article about an everyday accessory, one that I agree can add so much to a room. The Little Known Truth About Throw Pillows was kind of eye-opening for me, I loved the “rules” about pillows: what makes them special, what makes […]

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DIY Decorative File Folders

I have a new quickie craft! Yes, I’m still cleaning…AND organizing…and talking about OHIO (more on that later). I can’t wait to get back to my bigger projects (and the list that keeps forming in my head), but there are still some basic things that need to be addressed out of homage to my title of “homemaker”. …But even those […]

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