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Hosta Garden: a Shady Solution

My mom has always been a fan of hostas, a leafy garden staple for shady spots. I thought they were nice, but preferred the color punch of annuals and flowering perennials. Hubs was not a fan at all…he thought they were boring. Until now. Now we’re in hostalove. The great change? We visited a hosta farm…yes, there is such a […]

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Oh, Deer…(Deterrent)!

  With a new hosta garden nearly completed (more on that later), we wanted to keep our latest plantings from becoming a wildlife salad bar. I’ve found a lot of great tips on Pinterest and elsewhere about using Irish Spring soap as a deer deterrent. We’ve been using it the for past few years and I have to say, I […]

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Adventures in Dishwashing Detergent… (it’s not you, it’s me)

I can be a little headstrong. I see those dishwashing detergent commercials and SMH when the family loads their pans and icky casserole dishes into the machine and pulls them out sparkling. Yeah, sure. I’d buy new glasses and give them a first wash and… already want new glasses. Clouds were just always part of our beverage experience. I thought […]

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LET IT GO, Let It Go…

Ah, the Bird-Fell-Out-Of-The-Nest Dilemma… I just came across my first-of-the-season chick in the grass…well, actually, Kelly did. As any self-respecting Labrador would, she usually toys with her happy discoveries…but knowing I was clued in, she had a good sniff, glanced back and left the young robin alone. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve made many a spectacle of myself thinking these […]

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Banded Drapery Panels

With a plan in place to grant my husband’s wish for blackout curtains in the MBR (Band-aid Decor), my visit to the fabric store was a success. I found just the contrast piece I needed for my banded drapery panels (because I told myself I was not allowed to leave without making a selection). Here’s my fabric choice:       […]

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Band-Aid Decor: MBR Windows

I have a tough time purchasing store-bought window treatments. Not that there aren’t great ready-made choices (now many even include interlining)…but as someone who loves to sew, I just don’t get the same satisfaction.  And… I. want. them. to. be. just. right. With freshly painted first floor walls in a new color, I have my tasks pretty well laid out for […]

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Jump in, the Water’s Fine

After nearly a dozen “shades of grey” (no, not THAT Grey. I’m talking paint), we narrowed it down to three colors from the Valspar chips: Mink, the aforementioned Anonymous, and Seine. Our collection of color sample pots came from three different paint suppliers. We tend to like working with Benjamin Moore paint, but as our indecision continued, the costs for the […]

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Whole House Decorating – Chaos Style

If you’re looking for tutorial on how to decorate your whole house, you’re in the wrong place 🙂 Yes, I’m doing that…but not the way a “professional” would (for SURE!). We’ve torn it all up, and are putting it back together…in pieces…as inspiration hits…as choices turn into commitments.  That’s just how we roll. You won’t find me starting a room […]

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Decisions, Decisions…

So, it’s time to update the homestead even though our current colors are still somewhat, well, current. Hubs and I are both on board, still stinging from our move when we realized we’d become that time warp couple…like the ones who haven’t realized that mauve and mallard green died shortly before the Rachel Cut had come and gone. He keeps […]

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