Hang your solar chandelier from tree branches

Garden Lighting Options – Solar Chandeliers

Summer is winding down and pretty soon I’ll be back to my growing list of indoor projects… But NOT TODAY! One of my favorite Pinterest/Google searches involves garden lighting.  I love how people use different techniques to illuminate their yards.  Some of those photos are so beautiful…magical, even. And some are totally bogus (I’m looking at you, brightly illuminated “glow-in the-dark” planter […]

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Outdoor Chess Garden (and an Accidental Four-Square Court)

In my last post (Outdoor Chess on Any Budget), I mentioned that we were completely hung up on one small detail to finish our backyard chess board. Keep in mind, you DON’T have to buy a set or pour a concrete pad in your yard to have a chess garden of your own.  The last post shows all kinds of […]

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Outdoor Chess for Any Budget

Have you ever been in the middle of a project and were completely thrown off by one small detail…only to find it was shamefully simple? Well that’s what we discovered trying to create an outdoor chess park. Back up about three Christmases ago…YES, THREE!!! As a family gift, we bought outdoor chess pieces. My mom’s next door neighbor put a chess set in […]

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Have a Plan in Place, Because the Skunk Always Wins

There are certain things in life that may never happen to you… but if they did, you’d be glad to have a $3 action plan in place. Two weeks ago, I’d have said “Hmm, I should do that someday.”  Now that I’m a “veteran,” LET ME ASSURE YOU: Skunks don’t ask if you’re ready for them. They shoot first, ask […]

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Bad Jack Got Skunked

Not all “everyday adventures” are good ones. Bad Jack got skunked last night. Poor little dude raced into the house and brought with him a nose-burning nightmare (semi lol). Before he had a chance to run around, we whisked him to the laundry tubs to clean and contain him (first mistake…this is a must-do-outside task). Our kids did a quick […]

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dry stack stone wall, jack frost, honeysuckle, shade garden

Planting the Stacked Stone Wall Area

I’m celebrating a couple of things today! First: we finished planting the area around our new DIY dry stack stone walls. (If this is your first visit to D&D, you can read about our July wall project here for part 1 and here for part 2. And the second reason? This morning it rained… and rained… and RAINED! Big deal? […]

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DIY Stacked Stone Retaining Wall – Part 2

Yeesh!  Nothing will make you appreciate a Buffalo winter like building a two-layer DIY stacked stone retaining wall in July! It’s been hot, hard, heavy work; but we’re really happy we did it. 🙂  A bonus: Mr. DustandDoghair and I worked on it together AND we’ve both lived to tell the tale! Not a bad month’s work for this headstrong pairing […]

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A DIY Stacked Stone Wall – Part 1

Mr. D&D and I have always loved stacked stone walls. We’ve long been inspired by this very lengthy wall that borders a main road near our neighborhood. …as well as this mortared one in front of an old farm that we pass by regularly. We’ve also noticed short rows of stacked stone in front of many homes as part of their […]

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Options for a Round Pedestal End Table – Buy or DIY?

Our upholstered furniture will be coming later this month (see this for more details)…and although I’m behind (not surprisingly) in my preparations, one of the tasks on my to do list is to come up with an option for this Round Pedestal End Table. This is the table that was suggested by the decorator (official decision maker) for our family […]

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