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DIY Roman Shades for Oversized Windows

You guessed this day would never come, amirite?  You thought I might not EVER finish my family room window project.  Or share it with you. To be perfectly honest…ME TOO!  Looks like I surprised BOTH of us! These are the original Roman Shades I made more than 10 years ago: Solid fabric, trimmed with a contrast band of decorator print, […]

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Magical Lighted Hallway for Christmas

Let’s just say it out loud, shall we?  When it comes to Christmas lights, I’m certifiable. If you’ve been here before, you know this…heck, half of my posts are about SOME type of lights. But I outdid myself…not just in “what were you thinking?!” but in the outcome. In general, I am a mediocre cook and a sub-par house cleaner, […]

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S-a-D for November – “Blogging Ban” Lifted!

Well, I finally finished my major spring…summer…fall project!  That means two things: First, I have lifted my self-imposed “ban” on regular-ish blogging activities, and second, I will owe you a post about said project (but you can see a few sneak peeks in this Sentence-A-Day for November post. Seatbelts fastened? 11.1  We had ZERO (ZIP, ZILCH, NADA) trick or treaters […]

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Christmas Traditions

I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but it’s a pretty big deal around our house. I’m currently surrounded by boxes of packed and unpacked baubles, and now that the trees are all up (with one left to decorate) I see the end in sight and can soon just enjoy all the festive prettiness and, ahem, perhaps accomplish some actual […]

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Sentence(ish)-a-Day for July

I’m still participating in the Sentence-a-Day project that JTouchofStyle introduced me to last month. I met a nice group of welcoming women who are hosting/participating…and am enjoying this little on-line diary exercise. July? Here goes: 7/1  Starting to feel a little better post surgery. 7/2  I. Am. SO. Bored!!!! 7/3  Back on my feet and motoring around the house. 7/4 […]

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Shhh! Let’s Not Tell Laurel Bern About These Pillows

A few months ago, I suggested a terrific article by interior design blogger Laurel Bern. It was a details-matter article about an everyday accessory, one that I agree can add so much to a room. The Little Known Truth About Throw Pillows was kind of eye-opening for me, I loved the “rules” about pillows: what makes them special, what makes […]

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If You Want Your Yard to Sparkle at Night, Try This!

It’s a good thing I started hanging my LED outdoor lights before my big fall because I won’t be climbing ladders and trees for a while! Because I’m drawn to all Pinterest photos of outdoor lighting ideas, one of my goals for the summer was to continue to make OUR nighttime yard more magical with light.   I’ve been using […]

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after setting summer bucket list goals, Em gets sidelined.

What Happened IMMEDIATELY AFTER I Published My Summer Bucket List!

  If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.   ~Woody Allen   Not only did I let God in on my plans…I literally had JUST announced them to the internet! Then I went upstairs to take a shower, during which I stepped out for a moment….leaving a small wet spot on the tile floor. About ten minutes later […]

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