Magical Lighted Hallway for Christmas

Let’s just say it out loud, shall we?  When it comes to Christmas lights, I’m certifiable.

If you’ve been here before, you know this…heck, half of my posts are about SOME type of lights.

But I outdid myself…not just in “what were you thinking?!” but in the outcome.

In general, I am a mediocre cook and a sub-par house cleaner, so when my kids give me major props they feed the holiday monster in me.  This project is A KEEPER!

I’ve been planning to make a magical lighted hallway for Christmas ever since, well, the week after last Christmas.  Mr. and I went holiday bargain hunting and visited one of my favorite gift/floral shops…the exquisitely charming Flowers by Nature.  (Please check out owner Cheryl’s Gicewicz’s Instagram…her work is beautiful and clearly inspirational!)

Anyway, we went upstairs into the wedding planning area and saw this:


I thought of our back hallway and knew I wanted to try this look at our house.  With all the wild grapevines we have around our yard, I had an fair idea of how we’d construct our interpretation.

A few weeks ago, Mr. and I pulled down several vines and twisted them into a long “garland.”

grapevine garland

I secured the twisted vines by loosely wrapping a string of Christmas lights around them, then put up small nails along the top of the hallway walls and just started winding and attaching the vines to the nails with paddle wire.

Christmas in the upside down

That’s when the name for this project briefly became “Christmas in the Upside Down” (which you will understand if you follow the Stranger Things series.)

This could be me, lol:


But “Christmas in the Upside Down” actually had a purpose…it was the foundation for more vines, and more lights…which I kept adding until I was satisfied with the arrangement and coverage.

And once that happened, I applied clear Command Hooks to the ceiling in spots that would allow all my ornaments to hang freely.


I wanted lots of reflection, so I chose iridescent, mercury-finish, and silver ornaments.

Holiday ceiling, christmas lights, decorated ceiling, command hooks, christmas ornaments

(Sidenote: I bought the large Vickerman finial ornaments for half-off during our Flowers by Nature trip…which they decorated beautifully with layers of lush ribbon.  The ornaments are actually plastic and weigh nothing!)

So are you ready to see how “Christmas in the Upside Down” was renamed “Magical Lighted Hallway for Christmas”?

Well, I can’t wait to show you!


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As a first-time effort, it probably took about three to four hours to figure out the logistics and get it all installed.  Worth it?  We think so!

Although we have a front door, EVERYONE uses our back door.  I’m really happy that this will be the first impression for guests and holiday visitors….and the plumber, who loved it!

(Our ceilings are nine feet on the first floor, but I think this could be done anywhere if you keep things tighter to the ceiling….I let ours drop down quite a bit.)

Next year, I might just put it up earlier in the fall and deck it out first for Halloween (Hogwarts Great Hall?) and for Thanksgiving.  Then it will already be in place for Christmas.


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  • gwingal

    Wow! I am in love with this. Look at the sparkles reflecting in the pictures on the wall. Amazing!
    🙂 gwingal

  • mommyhon333

    Ditto what Jodie says. And pin this all over Pinterest. I will help get the ball rolling by pinning it myself. Like something out of a fairy tale Christmas. Just gorgeous. Everyone who enters your home this holiday season will be dazzled and delighted.

    • EmDirr

      Thanks, Leslie…we are really enjoying it. I just really love white lights, they’re so enchanting. Your comment is so supportive! Thank you. (I really have to read up on what makes a Pin click… )

  • Jodie

    OMG, Em!!! This is more than fabulous…this is incredible!!
    I think you need to submit this to the home decor magazines, and the DIY websites!!! This is something I totally would do (if I had half the patience and brains that you do!!)
    Seriously…I want you to consider spreading the word about this—it’ such a magical look!!

    • EmDirr

      That’s so nice of you to say! It was how I spent my B-day (aside from my good-hair day…which ended up getting stuck in the grapevines haha). I’m still clomping my way around social media. You’re DEFinitely the one with the brains on all this stuff. Hey…in all your spare time, you could do a social media marketing seminar to all us fledgling bloggers, lol!

      Thanks for your kind words thought…not much doesn’t look good in white string lights 🙂

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