S-a-D for November – “Blogging Ban” Lifted!

Well, I finally finished my major springsummer…fall project!  That means two things:

First, I have lifted my self-imposed “ban” on regular-ish blogging activities, and second, I will owe you a post about said project (but you can see a few sneak peeks in this Sentence-A-Day for November post.

Seatbelts fastened?

11.1  We had ZERO (ZIP, ZILCH, NADA) trick or treaters yesterday…you know what that means?  I am eating candy ALL WEEK LONG!

11.2  We’re still packing up all the outside gear and moving what we can fit Inside.  This family can definitely use a shed….meanwhile we are playing a life-size game of Tetris.

11.3  During a “let’s-get-out-of-the-house” trip to Lowe’s, Mr. D&D found a stuffed Charlie Brown. First official decoration of the season (and he carried him around the store like a proud papa…hilarious!).

11.4  Instead of taking the NYS Thruway to our day-trip destination, we took the backroads…and drove through a beautiful town with a lovely lake, country inns and charming shops.  It’s two hours from the place we’ve lived our entire lives and we NEVER KNEW IT WAS THERE!!!  We’ll be back, Skaneateles!

11.5  Daylight Savings Time: I think I am always more tired gaining the hour than losing one.

11.6  Mr. took the day off, we finished our game of Garage and Basement Tetris, took down the Halloween decorations and I helped Mr. on his first installment of cords and Christmas lights outside.

11.7  Election Day:  I stopped off to vote on my way home and as they checked me in, I saw that my 18-year old had voted on his way to school that morning….he was very excited about his first time fulfilling his civic responsibility.

11.8  I spent the day sewing velcro to the headers of my roman shades.  It may make them easier to hang, but I liked the cleaner, sleeker look of the other version when there was no stitching at the top.

11.9  Christmas shopping day with mom…and a night session on my Roman Shades….I can see the finish line ahead… Must….keep….going…must….

11.10  Spent the entire day in the basement working on my shades…adding a new “time-saving” tape to the back… (It did save time!)

11.11  Watched my son’s college swim team beat a particular rival school for the first time in their program’s history.  Big day for my flyer!

11.12  We’ve been plagued with plumbing issues this fall…  In advance of tomorrow’s plumber visit, I dug out the access to our septic system (oh, what fun)!

Cue Shiela E’s, The Glamorous Life 🙂

11.13  I twisted up the grapevines that Mr. cut down for me yesterday, and left them out for the rain to soften (for a project later in the month).

11.14  More precise pinning and sewing more tape on the shades….seven rows per shade x six shades = 💆

11.15 YaHOOOO!  Finished all sewing on the ratzafratzin’ shades!  (My vocabulary is cartoon enhanced, FYI.)  Don’t you think this day’s entry should be in all caps?

11.16 Decided to see if my bulbous still-healing knee could comfortably wear skinny jeans yet.  The answer is a hefty, “NO”!

11.17 The awning company came and took down the “big black box” we enjoyed all summer.   See you in April, new friend!

11.18  Ever been to the Red Line Diner in Poughkeepsie, NY?  We plan trip routes around it… we ate there twice during a quick trip to the Bronx.  This was my breakfast…YUM!

11.19  Celebrated Mr. D&D’s B-day.  All the kiddos got up and went to early Mass with us (birthday miracles), and we came home and cooked up a big family breakfast.  Fun day!

11.20  Installed the shades in my lower windows….can I get an Alleluia?!!!!

11.21  Precariously balanced between the ladder and my window sill to hang the upper window treatments…and I am now GREATLY appreciating the aforementioned velcro header.

11.22  Did the final shop for our TG dinner…I guess my appearance at a grocery store triggered a fraud alert at our bank…so they put a hold on our account.  So at the next stop –the wine store–my purchased was declined. The sensitive cashier then bellowed to her manager (six registers away): “Can we hold her order at the register? Her card declined.”

Thank you, cashier.

Gosh, I wish I could’ve cracked one of those wine bottles right then and there.

11.23 Thankful for family, friends, freedom and faith, the best Turkey we’ve ever made

….and that my freaking window project is finished!!!!

11.24 Celebrated my birthday with an epical/unusually good hair day…

…then messed it up while installing my GREATLY anticipated (by me) Magical Lighted Hallway for Christmas decorating project!

11.25 ZZZzzzZZZzzz, binge watching all the Harry Potter movies, and visiting relatives.

11.26  Time to break out the Christmas boxes…and continue our Potterfest.

11.27  Simultaneous celebration of cyber Monday and more Potter.

11.28 More plumbing problems…never a good thing when the water level exceeds the, ahem, bowl.

11.29 My new good friend Marc the plumber came back for a visit.  I may have to add him to our Christmas list.

11.30 Marathon tree decorating…on which tree will the mushroom birds go this year?


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  • This was hilarious! But I have questions… I must go back and read to find answers! And I am impressed with that shot you took while standing on the ladder and the window sill!
    🙂 gwingal

    • EmDirr

      Sure! Because if you’re precariously positioned 12ish feet off the ground (while still in PT for a broken knee) you should TOTALLY compound your stupidity by taking a picture. I should have added a selfie stick to my tool pouch, hahaha.

      If you don’t find what you’re looking for, ask away!

      Thanks for the visit Nikki…and your fun comment 🙂

  • mommyhon333

    Oh, Em, it is so good to have you back. Can’t wait for the big reveal on your project. Well done, my friend.

    Loved Sheila E. so could totally relate to your reference. The glamorous things we do.

    And that cashier at the liquor store. Been right there, too! My credit union puts a hold on my debit card every time I go out of town without telling them first. I mean out of town like 30 miles down the road. Not cross country. I have been embarrassed a zillion times by inconsiderate cashiers. And of course, there were times when I was just praying there was money in the credit union when I knew there wasn’t. But hungry kids don’t like going without food. And you do what you have to do sometimes.

    Thanks for returning to us. I have missed you.

    • EmDirr

      Leslie, I really enjoy those S-a-D posts…so happy you got the ball rolling. Everyone’s months are so diverse and interesting. Actually, I enjoy so many of your link ideas…the little letters, etc. I have to get better organized about posting. I have SO many projects in mind for the coming year…fingers crossed that I do more and procrastinate less. 🙂

      Amen, to the last part of your comment…we used to call those “eke weeks” There were too many to count. Definitely glad to have left those times behind. On the flip, they taught us a lot.

  • What a fun summary of your month! These posts are great to read and I always enjoy them. Hope your plumber appreciates his Christmas card 😊

    • EmDirr

      Card? That fella deserves an all-out gift (although the $844 check I gave him might suffice). Thanks for visiting 🙂

      • Tina

        Ohh, I know the feeling…just had to install a new drain field for our septic system (country life!). It seems that when the house was built the lines did not have to be as long as they do now…in 12 years?? So a new system was necessary. But we got a break— the company we chose was a Christian company and the owner’s PA was a friend (we didn’t know any of this when choosing this company!) The owner had such fun with talking God stuff with us when he came to give us an estimate that he blessed us with $1K off the entire job! FAVOR!! Thank you Jesus!!

      • EmDirr

        Oooh, Yikes!!! That’s in our future, too. The whole system was a disaster from the get go. Very happy your contractor has a good heart, and recognized the same in you! Christmas blessings!

  • Jodie

    Oh, Em!!! If I hung around you in real life, I have a feeling I would be laughing all day!!
    But I have to comment on the part where you found that little town. It’s kinda the same thing we’ve found….not really finding a town, but an interesting place around where we live that we found while looking for a place to take blog photos. It’s really been quite fun!!
    Did you know that my hubby is from White Plains (well really Yorktown Heights) so some of the cities you talk about sound familiar to me!!!

    • EmDirr

      No way! Rob’s from New York?! That’s fun! Does he still have family here? I think WP is a stone’s throw from the Big Apple…just drove through Westchester county right after my big breakfast at the RedLine. We, of course, live on the state’s west coast, lol.

      For all the “Sunday drives” we take, we can’t believe we didn’t know about Skaneateles (we may need swankier friends, haha). Drove through aging on the way home from another swim meet last weekend and this time stopped there for dinner. I bet there are so many places like this and the one you discovered out there waiting for us!

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