What Happened IMMEDIATELY AFTER I Published My Summer Bucket List!

after setting summer bucket list goals, Em gets sidelined.


If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.   ~Woody Allen


Not only did I let God in on my plans…I literally had JUST announced them to the internet!

Then I went upstairs to take a shower, during which I stepped out for a moment….leaving a small wet spot on the tile floor.

About ten minutes later (give or take) I returned to the wet spot on the floor in a big way…

Now to be fair, I confess that I am actually EXTREMELY grateful to God…because this could’ve ended up a LOT worse.

If no one is home, I often nag ask my kids call to me after they shower so I know they didn’t fall and hit their heads.  And that’s what could have happened to me.

But it didn’t…instead, after some now-forgotten graceful acrobatics (I’m sure), I went down very hard on my knee.

I’m pretty sure I heard a double noise and saw a flash of white, pain-laced light…then I just lay there for a few minutes to take in what had happened and what I would need to do about it.

Sparing you all the details (you’re welcome to ask questions below, because who DOESN’T like to tell everyone all the details), I called my “boys” up and asked them when they would be home from their first aid class.

Really!  They were actually AT a first aid class.

I called down to Kelly to bring me a brandy, but she was busy looking for food.


And Jack was busy posing for a portrait:


So I waited for the boys, grateful to be near a floor vent that kept spilling cool air into my face and to have an iPhone within reach so I could diagnose my injury and see what kind of treatment I would need.  I’m “pleased” to say that although I did NOT stay at a “Holiday Inn last night” my diagnosis was spot on.

Also while laying there I kept thinking, “Crap! I JUST published that freaking bucket list!”

A few hours later, I had my diagnosis and treatment confirmed: a displaced fracture to the kneecap, surgery next week, and a new fashion accessory that will affect my clothing choices for the next three to four months.


So what about that Bucket List?!!!

I can waste time like nobody’s business…but when someone tells me I “can’t” do something, it’s kind of motivating…if that makes sense.  Day one, I was pretty attached to the crutches.  By day two, I am already a fairly proficient hobbler. Even yesterday, I swept and vacuumed the floor, mopped up the downstairs bathroom and dusted…not because I love cleaning (because, TRULY I don’t), but to prove that I can still function.

I’m obviously going to be a little hampered, but I feel like I can still get a lot of my list done…especially since I am allowed to bear weight on my leg, i.e. walk.  Plus, as I mentioned, I had already started on some of the list once school ended.

Today was a little disappointing to see all of this in the driveway,

and have to turn it entirely over to the Mr. and the “boys.”

I am grateful that there are plenty of things on my list that involve sitting…it could be a wonderful time to sew.

Anyone who reads along here knows that Summer is my favorite season…so I’m a little bummed to know that there won’t be any pool time for me this year, and that some of my planting/watering/landscaping activities will be a little challenging or won’t happen.  But I believe I WILL tackle quite a few of the things on my list….and I’m going back to add one more thing (you’ll find it highlighted at the bottom of the list).






  • mommyhon333

    I am almost embarrassed to say that I enjoyed this post so much. Kind of at your expense. I am so sorry. You just ‘tell the tale’ so well. No worries on the bucket list…you just bump everything you didn’t get to in the summer onto the fall list. Ta-da!!

    • EmDirr

      Haha! I HOPE you enjoyed it!
      It was just SO ironic, I had to share… (and how easy for me to have a blog topic land right in front of me…talk about low hanging fruit)!

  • Jodie

    No way, Em!! That’s just pure craziness! But I’m so glad you are okay!!
    I never even think about how dangerous the bathroom and shower can be!!
    I will tell you (as a fashion blogger) that now may be the time to invest in maxi skirts & dresses (humor is always my fall back!!)
    And it’s good there were no cameras around—because it’d be viral by now!!
    Heal well…and you do realize that the bucket list can wait?? (said with love)

    • EmDirr

      Love your humor…I’ve said before that we’re kindred spirits 🙂

      I was thinking shorts and dresses, but forgot about skirts. Bonus!

      As for the list, I had some catching up to do as it was, but all will get done in its own time.

      I think the next 10 days are about taking it slow AND careful!

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