“What About All That Redecorating You Mentioned…LAST YEAR?!!!”

Remember how didn’t post anything for like…five months?!

I sort of feel like I should address the lapse.  Let’s back up a bit to January, okay?

Once all of the mountains of Christmas dec had finally been put away (the curse of having “a tree for every room“), things took off at warp speed.

I had very definite plans for this winter and spring…but life had plans of its own.  Some happy (like getting asked to speak at our graduating senior’s mother-son dance and helping him conclude the college choice process), and some both challenging and sad… (we said goodbye to my mother-in-law… That whole process has been a tough one).

So…it’s taken me a little while to right my ship again. Motivation, extra duties (and maybe some laziness mixed in) could also explain it.

Everyone processes stress and grief differently.  Some people grab toothbrushes and start scrubbing grout…some eat a lot of chocolate and play bubble pop games on their phone.

We processed some of ours by starring in our own episode of “Hoarders – Basement Edition”. There was no camera crew (thank Heavens). But there was a Kon-Mari-esqe, epic clean out of  30-plus years of a lovingly curated accumulation of sentimental objects..  stuff.

One of our mothers saved every scrap of doll clothing, even my improvised paper towel versions. The other threw out boxes of “I’m sure there was a mint BabeRuth/RobertoClemente/PeteRose rookie in there” baseball cards.

Even though no such extremes exist in at our house, our basement said otherwise.

(Full disclosure…much of our basement is “finished” so we have less than a third remaining for storage and laundry.)

Still…   Too. Much. Stuff.

Bins of sister dresses I made for our girls, toys all four kiddos wanted to keep (I think we could settle the world’s problems with our Nerf gun collection), and a few of my own treasured kid toys: a Little Kiddles Klubhouse,

Dawn and Barbie Dolls,

my TootSweet Tootsie Roll Factory

and my favorite games ever…Perquackey and Dynamite Shack.

We donated plenty, tossed plenty, and still saved enough for a someday visit from “American Pickers”. Hubs ordered about a dozen wheeled shelving units and we organized and found a place on them for every last doll, Halloween spook and new Christmas decorations.

On the bright side… the next time we need to have a repair crew in our basement (like today), they won’t have to bring shovels just to get to the hot water tanks.

I lost the “best” months of the year for my DIYing and sewing plans, so I have a lot to make up and a graduation party at our house in a month to give me a deadline.

Plus…there’s two acres of OUTside to tend to…and you know Mr. D&D always has a major summer project that requires an able helper.

But…inside progress has resumed and I will update soon.

My next post will be a summer bucket list… which includes:

Priority ONE: finish the freaking FAMILY ROOM!

Distraction ONE: the yard.




Let’s get to know each other!

… Is there something special you’ve saved or wish you saved from your childhood?








  • Jodie

    Do you realize, I’ve never heard of those games?? My favorite was Life and Scrabble!!
    Are you joining in with Lesley of Once upon a time happily ever after for your summer bucket list?? Even if not, you should add your post to the linkup—it’ll be on my site!!!
    I can’t wait to see what you have planned!!

    • Yes, I am, thanks to you! It’ll feel good to put my to do list in writing (somewhat) to hold me to task!

      By the way, I loved both games you mentioned…we still play a lot of Scrabble…. both games are on the shelves downstairs 🙂 AND…I think I will add an evening of that to the summer bucket list…. 🙂