My DIY Beveled Mirror Overmantel

My overmantel mirror project is completed!

(Cue the choir of angels and the Alleluia Chorus.)

If you care to read about the background of this project…some of the options, and how I came to decide on this particular version, you can read about it here.

As I noted in the last post, Mr. D&D was not keen on this idea. However, he recently told me that was because he didn’t think it would turn as well as it did. The first thing he said when I finished the top was “wow, I would never have guessed you could do that. It looks great.”

Believe me, I wasn’t offended…I felt the same way about his backyard wall project. I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but I loved the result.

So, I’m pretty glad I persevered and finished the job.

I spent a good chunk of this week’s free time culling all my pictures and steps along the way…zzzzzzz!  Reading it, I even put myself to sleep.

I’d rather get to the fun part.

Ready? Here we go.


fireplace overmantel, fireplace mirror



fireplace mirror options greige walls overmantel wood trim crown moldingdiy-overmantel-with-bevel-mirror-tiles

fireplace overmantel greige mirror fireplace mirrors




I was curious about how my computer mock up would compare to the finished product.

Here’s how I did:

Project plan 

The only real change I made to the design was to eliminate the very top shelf.  Also the “real-life” bevels are much more apparent in person and in daylight.

For a thousand reasons, I am thrilled this project is DONE!

And now…once I clean the house and put away all my drill bits…I am moving on to the next big change to this room!

One other thing: the actual mantel shelf is not very deep (about 8″.. 10″ on the far sides). So If anyone has suggestions as to how you would decorate it, I’d LOVE to hear them!!


  • Linda Jones

    Thank you Em. for showing me the complete picture. Now I feel completely satisfied. (It’s a scale issue you see:) It is a wonderful project as I said before on Home Talk. As for decorating, I’m no expert. Simple would seem better to me because of the many reflections you will see in the mirror. Maybe a nice quality plant for some green color (not sure which artificial or live) and tall candles. I’m a Christmas person so I always in my mind decorate anything for Christmas first. Very nice garlands across each mantle with lights if possible with accessories of choice. But again simple. And with the chandelier reflection maybe mixed greenery with berries draping it would add to the middle of your mirror. This is just judging from pictures. Seeing this in person, this may not be possible. Thank you for letting me spill my opinion. Linda Jones

    • EmDirr

      A Christmas person!? Us TOO!!! You’re totally speaking our language! I’ve been thinking about that as well, but didn’t even think of doing the “top” mantle…wheels are spinning!

      Spill your opinion anytime…it’s always welcome!

  • robjodiefilogomo

    It is perfect beyond words!! I think what really makes it work so well, is that you copied the molding from the mantel to the top portion. And the scale, of course. It needed something that massive to fill the space!
    As for decorating the mantel—I’m not entirely sure you need anything. I almost think that this should be the focal point (at least for awhile to admire your handy work)!!
    You rock, girl!!

    • EmDirr

      Thank you, Jodie! Definitely excited to see it finished!

      Also appreciate your suggestion to leave it as is. Can’t argue with easy. (And when the queen of accessories says to let it be, I listen!)