Hey! Whatever Happened to that Overmantel Project?

March 29th.

That was the last time I mentioned my “big” idea to build an overmantel for this fireplace.

fireplace overmantel, fireplace mirror

If you’re new, I’d been searching for a way to fill that GIANT wall space and came across this picture on Houzz. This became my inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.01.59 AM

Photo via Houzz – Sussan Lari Architect PC, Photo by Tim William


Six weeks later, on April 22, I put a few pictures up on Facebook. (I had run out of ladder and my brother kindly loaned me his.)



Since then, it’s been radio silence.

Not. A. Peep.

I moved on to birds, furniture, garden walls, and most recently, Grandma.  But there hasn’t been another post on the big kahuna project.

So..did you wonder if I quit? Took down the mirrors? Called “Uncle”?


Honestly, when I first thought about doing this project, I envisioned it taking me two weeks…tops. But since this was a make-it-up-as-I-went-along project, I kept encountering new variables and unanticipated problems to solve. And with other irons in the fire, it became more of a hobby…one I wasn’t entirely enjoying.

What had I gotten myself into? It seemed every step along the way came with a new challenge that made something simple turn into something more complex than it should have been.

After all the heel-digging I did with Mr. D&D (who was not at all keen on my plan), was I really going to just quit?

No! (Although I did become a world-champion procrastinator.)

But guess what! I finally stopped procrastinating and finished it!

Sneak peek?  Well…how about this little one:


I can’t wait to show you the rest.  It’s a tricky post to write–I don’t want to bore you with too much detail–so give me a few days to get my words and pictures together.

Then I can liberate myself to move on to the next project…YIPPEE!!!