Everyday Adventures …. and a Recommendation for Your Must-Read List

One of the everyday adventures that has occupied some of our time this year is eldercare. Mr. D&D and I are blessed to still have three of our four parents, ranging in age from 80 to 92.

The opportunity to help your parents is a gift…and we’re shoulder high in opportunity this month.

So, I’m just checking in to say that while we’re helping one of the moms, our infrequently reported adventures will be a little less frequent. Priorities, gang. (And if you’re a prayer, we’d be grateful for one to help us make good decisions.)

I try never to post just to post…but if I think I’ll be away for a bit (not that anyone waits for my posts with bated breath) maybe it’s good to let you know I’m not throwing in the blogging towel just yet.
In the interim… I thought I’d share a link to Laurel Home, the blog of interior designer Laurel Bern.

Knowledgeable, irreverent, hilarious…her posts are always an entertaining, informative read…I’m hooked.

I enjoyed her recent share: the little known truth about throw pillows

I thought her pillow rules were great!

Start here and finish there. And let me know if you enjoyed it…I’d be happy to share other favorites.