Bad Jack Got Skunked

Not all “everyday adventures” are good ones.

badjack stairsBad Jack got skunked last night.

Poor little dude raced into the house and brought with him a nose-burning nightmare (semi lol).

Before he had a chance to run around, we whisked him to the laundry tubs to clean and contain him (first mistake…this is a must-do-outside task).

Our kids did a quick search of the best scent-removal method and we got right to it. Everyone agreed he had to sleep in the garage…which was very sad.

skunked dog

But not as sad as discovering this morning that the house now smells skunky.  (And why Murphy’s Law dictated that the new furniture had to be delivered before this incident occurred.)

I found all our screens, opened all the windows, put any throw rugs outside, placed open bowls of vinegar in each room.  And I’m about to get cleaning.

Just wondering if anyone has a success story to share?  I’ll let you know how ours works out…what worked, what didn’t.  With two dogs that love to chase critters, this is definitely one adventure I should have researched in advance.


Poor Jack…he just loves trouble!BadJack Muddy Buddy




  • I’ve never dealt with skunk odor myself, but that just may take 20 minutes. Did you watch the video of the skunk being sprayed? It only took less than a minute til they could no longer smell it. I remember growing up when our boxer dog had a skunk encounter. Back in those days, all they had was tomato juice. It helped some, but it certainly didn’t work like this SCOE stuff does. Poor Dutchess! What state are you in? The SCOE ships from GA. Let me know how it works! (Money-back guarantee). I wouldn’t be without it now.

  • OMG! Poor Jack! Bless his heart…. Please check this stuff out…IT WORKS !! is the website. They have a short video online of a skunk killed by a car and sprayed their product directly on it. Smell gone in just a few seconds!!! I use it in my litterboxes. 15% off sale right now, too! I mix 1/4 cup with 2 cups warm water in a spray bottle. You have to wait 20 minutes for it to activate before using. It has a 2-year shelf life, mixed or unmixed. Money back guarantee! I love the stuff myself! It’s safe to spray directly on pets and humans. I’ve used it on dirty smelly laundry, too! You won’t be disappointed, trust me! It’s worth its cost in gold!!! They ship it quickly, too! I have always received my orders in just 2 days! Good luck!

    • Oh, Nancy! Exactly the help I was looking for..thank you so much!

      Can’t wait to try this. I’ll let you know how it works 🙌

      • I’m positive it WILL work! I rescue, and I’ve come across some nasty little critters with all kinds of odors. It’s worked every time for me. I wish you the best with it! I look at little Jack ‘s picture….he is absolutely precious, not to mention adorable!!!

      • EmDirr

        Thanks… he’s such a spirited contrast to our big Kelly…always cracks us up. Placed my order and am looking forward to receiving it (and liberating poor Jack from the garage).

        Was reading about the spray and the directions say you have to keep it wet for 20 minutes. Sounds like that’s the make-or-break.

        Again, MANY thanks for your suggestion!