Turning Gold into Silver and a Tip Share: “Free Hardware Fridays”

Today’s post is a quick fix to turn gold into silver…or to be specific, brass into nickel.

(I also have a tip share below for scoring free cabinet hardware for my fellow DIYers.)

I mentioned last week that we’re (finally) going to catch up to our painting spree and update our house with new decor.

There’s nothing like inviting a professional into your home to remind you of the projects you “meant to do” but let slide.

One of those projects involves these counter stools in our kitchen.

Turning Gold into Silver

Mr. DandD picked them out and since I didn’t have anything else selected at the time (who sees a trend here?) we ordered them.

At the time, they were only available with brass accents…but…our kitchen hardware/light fixtures, etc. were all finished in nickel.

Of course, Amanda the decorator didn’t let that slide…and I’m okay with that. She asked how I felt about getting new counterstools or having the nailheads and kick plates “replaced.”


Was she kidding?

Actually, no, she wasn’t kidding and she was surprised to hear I had planned update the stools with paint.

Consider that gauntlet thrown…as soon as she left, I grabbed what little painters tape I had on hand, as well as this little jar of sorcery.


Do you remember it from the mailbox project or the serpentine dresser makeover? It’s called “Liquid Leaf” and is a fast and fabulous way to add a metallic finish to nearly anything. It comes in all kinds of finishes, including bronze, gold, and silver/nickel.  I have the gold pictured here, but of course I’m using the silver this time.

Painting Brass Hardware

I popped the top, applied it with a brush, and voila! Counterstools that actually match the room in which they’re located….(now was that so hard, Em?) Nope. Amanda was impressed and Mr. DandD said he actually likes them better this way.

Amanda has since asked if I could paint the piano hardware…um, sorry…that hardware stays as is.

I did, however, use the last of my painters tape and have four more stools to do…so that’s on my errand list today.

Updating Brass Hardware with Paint
Okay: Here’s the Free Hardware Friday share:

DLawless Hardware features this weekly event. They offer a selection (or two) of drawer pulls or cabinet handles. You email them describing how many you need and how you intend to use them (from crafts to cabinets); and if you agree to let them feature your photos in their marketing you have a good chance to be gifted some nice cabinet hardware.

This satin sunflower knob was last week’s featured selection. Pretty cute, huh?


While you’re there, check out their post on making your own hardware.  It’s a little different spin than my DIY Drawer Pulls.