Ready, set…….STOP!

When I originally began drafting this post, the first sentence read: “I am VERY excited to say I am finally back to my overmantel project!”

Ironically, I didn’t find the overmantel decision difficult to make…which means I really like this idea!

If you read this post you may remember that I loved this photo and chose it as my inspiration:

I played around on my computer to create a mock up (I NEED to visualize), and I’m hoping my version will look something like this when it’s completed.

Project plan

However, as you might be able to tell from the delay in my reporting any progress lately, I DID have difficulty in a couple of places.  Both difficulties were project stalling and frustrating… because I rarely make a decision easily and when I’ve made it…I’m ready to go!

But project stalls, frustration, and problem solving are part of “everyday adventures”…and–to be truthful–going back to the drawing board may be one as well.

Let me bring you up to speed:

The first was with Mr. Dust and Doghair…who wasn’t completely on board with my “brilliant” idea. Not that he would intentionally impede my projects; because truly, no one has been as excited about my making progress than he is.  That said…

Mr. DandD has concerns that my overmantel might make a room that’s already too vertical look even more vertical. Point taken. Two-story rooms are tricky and—after having lived with one for a while—I can say they’re also kind of dumb.

IMG_1079 A tall ceiling is nice, but of those I’ve seen, most are really out of scale with the rest of the room; as is ours. Call it a life lesson.

Mrs. DandD, however, really wants to give this a go. Aside from the inadequate mirror that used to hang there, there’s been NO solution to date. You can’t really call “no solution” a problem solver either.

After a two-week “negotiation,” lol, Mr. DandD has reluctantly relented…the compromise being a reno project of his own that Mrs. DandD was obstructing. Marriage is the ultimate everyday adventure, lol, and both DIYers are now excited to focus on their respective projects.

I’ve also assured him that I will take it down if we don’t like it and when we have another solution.

Hurdle one: cleared! Which brings us to hurdle two.

I mentioned the Eagan mirrors from Pottery Barn? The many tutorials on how (easy it is) to make the DIY version mention “mirror mastic”. Just a few dabs on the back of the mirror and press into place…

until you actually read the labels of many of these mirror adhesives which say (I KID YOU NOT) not for use on mirrors!

What?! A phone call to one of the manufacturers led to the explanation that, apparently, many of these adhesives unexpectedly “ate” through the mirror silver…unless it was electro-copper plated (the silvering, that is).

I’d be pretty disappointed to do all this work only to see glue gobs peeking through the glass three months from now.

The ones that DO work require a “mechanical” system along with the mastic. That means, clips, j-channels, those star thingys etc…. Kind of a buzz kill for what I hoped would be unobstructed bevels, reflection and shininess.

That made me nervous… I don’t want to worry about safety when we’re talking (glass) mirror tiles hanging high on the wall…these things NEED to stick!

Finally, I came up with another solution that—I was pretty confident—solved that problem…and eliminated a bothersome step to boot! To double check, I called the manufacturer’s customer service department and bounced the application off the helpful specialist. She thought my plan was appropriate for the product.

I checked the weight loads and plan to use twice the recommended amount just to be safe.

I found a good product from a good supplier with a good price and I was good. to. go.

Here is a sneak peek of where I’d gotten so far.


And then…

Hold that thought!!!

Surprisingly, there’s yet another hurdle.

It seems that the fine folks who manufactured the mirror tiles have a measuring problem. Six different packs have three different versions of what constitutes 12” x 12”.

My wall has a somewhat dark background, so there wouldn’t be bright lines peeking through…BUT I may be a little disappointed if there are larger gaps in some of the spaces. It might spoil the effect.

Hmmm…not sure where this is headed. I’m hoping “back to the drawing board” is not the result…but in the real world, even that is an everyday adventure.

To be continued…


In the interim, I’ve also been moving ahead on my kitchen window treatments…which are NOT frustrating!  More on that later as well!  🙂