What Goes Up…..

I’m almost finished packing away the last of the holiday decor.

Yes.  I KNOW it’s almost the end of January.

We were so darn disappointed about the lack of snow this year, that we decided to leave all the decorations up until we had some.  And it looks like “some” is all we’re going to get, so it’s time to move the calendar forward…or in our case, to catch up with it.

As motivation, I told myself “no blogging” until it was packed away.  As usual, I’m cheating on my motivation rules…but only a little bit.

As sad as it is to see it all go, I have a lot of projects I’m looking forward to tackling.  But first, I’m going to throw myself a little post-holiday celebration with a quickie craft!  If you ever have the need for a fast party decoration, this might appeal to you.

I’ll post it when the “party” starts…but first, I have to finish packing, then get to this…IMG_3015


If YOU decorate for the holidays, when do YOU “pack it up”? Are you a day-after-New-Year kind of person, later than me, or somewhere in between?