Other Things You Can Do With Upcycled Coffee Sacks

Maybe it’s the caffeine, but I’m pretty revved up about all the possibilities of upcycling coffee sacks.

There’s no mention of upcycling or repurposing coffee sacks on my to do list–and of course I’ll have to avoid it becoming “too much of a good thing”–but this could become yet another diversion.

Here’s why:

Hometalk reader Josephine Howland left a nice comment about the ottoman project and included this photo of a bag she made. 

I have a leftover sack from the ottoman and did think about making a pillow…but thought eesh, that would be pretty scratchy! Then, I found Tips for Washing and Drying Coffee Sacks from Amy at stowandtellu.com and now I’m thinking past “scratchy” and my wheels are spinning again.

Consider these chairs from Upholstery Journal Magazine:
dd coffee bag chairs
Or this pack from Jessica Beil’s BARE line (photo from accessoriesmagazine.com):

dd jessica biel


This lampshade made by Pinterest pinner Lori Holuta:

dd coffee sack lampshade Lori Holuta


Or this spectacular wall (which gives me an idea) from Emily at jonesdesigncompany.com:
dd coffee wall jones design

I’ve seen fabulous Christmas stockings, jewelry and memo boards, aprons, chaise lounges, window treatments…  Hometalk and Pinterest feature dozens of projects as well.

While Googling, I ran across this beautiful bag (and traced the photo to BarnofOpportunity.Blogspot). Can you imagine the possibilities?!?!dd bag

Oooh, this could be trouble!