Coffee Table Storage Ottoman…one last thing

I’ve been reviewing my ottoman project, which I’m generally pretty thrilled to have tackled.  I greatly enjoyed learning about and trying tufting, and am looking forward to taking on a headboard project after the holidays have concluded. (I don’t think that was on my original to do list, but it is now, lol.)

I have a thought about the tufted top, and–in the spirit of full disclosure–I thought I’d share it:  It’s about those corner tufts.

It’s not like they don’t exist among professionals…you can see  corner tufts here in this ottoman from Horchow



and here in this one from Ballard Designs.



Here in this one from Wayfair,


and, of course, on my “amateur” version as well.

up cycled coffee sacks Storage Ottoman with Tufted Top coffee bags nailhead trim Storage bun feet



In DO OVER world, I would change my tufting map–and will be mindful of this in the future–so that the outside rows are the ones with one fewer button.  I think it’s less disruptive to the layout of the diamonds.  Everything is all diamonds, then it’s interrupted by a square. I think it would look a little more polished without them.

I didn’t see anything about it in the rules I mentioned in this post (when I figured out my tufting map), and maybe there’s no issue.  But it does bug me just a little, and since you are nice enough to share in this adventure, I thought I’d share that, too!