How Do YOU Display Christmas Cards?

Christmas card displays and traditions…I’ve enjoyed reading people’s posts on how they decorate for Christmas. So many lovely traditions and crafts! One thing I haven’t seen much of this year, is how folks display the Christmas cards they’ve received.

My mom used to tape each one around a doorway, (then get exasperated when we would walk (or run) past and they would fall off the wall. 🙂

A friend has a large carved dough bowl, and she spreads the cards out in the bowl and places it on a hallway table.

Another friend hangs them clothesline style.

For years, we’ve hung our cards ornament-style on the back hallway tree. Here’s our card tree this year:

Christmas Card Tree 1

I really enjoy the family photos people send and actually save them and use them the next year while waiting for the new ones to arrive. I also save cards from family members, (so I still have cards from my grandmother, for example).

I hole punch a corner, insert a wired berry stem and hang them on the tree.

christmas card tree Christmas Card Tree 2

I used to decorate the hall tree with mushroom birds. Here’s last year’s tree…it was a much smaller tree and a green one.  I almost like the slim profile a little better (which means next year the flocked tree might go in our bedroom).


The flocked tree was the result of a post holiday 75% off sale, so we went with woodland animals, silver accents and silver dollar plants (which look so pretty with the lights behind them).

SilverDollar tree
Do you display YOUR Christmas cards?


  • Susie

    I used to put mine all around the hall door. They would come loose and I would tape them back. Now I have television stand. I save some of them that are special for a few years. I love each one and I love to send them to catch up with my friends and family each year.

    • EmDirr

      Hi, Susie! Thank you for visiting and for commenting! I love and keep the cards too! One of my favorite Christmas traditions!