Next on the List – DIY Storage Ottoman

This is Kelly…(who is 90 percent responsible for 50 percent of this blog name).

She is NOT allowed on the furniture.





She needs A LOT of reminding!

I also use lots of pillows as a deterrent when we aren’t home

…but want to stash them somewhere quick when we return.

We also like to hunker and watch TV by the fire…and we each have blankets to snuggle with…that also need to be hidden put away somewhere easily when not in use.



SO… for the longest time, I’ve wanted a really large (at least a 40” x 40”) storage ottoman to replace our budget coffee table.

I love this one from Arhaus:


Nice storage, comfy cushion…and fairly similar to this readily available tutorial from This Old House.


I also love the legs on that one, but I wanted to try one with a tufted top…because tufting is on my DIY bucket list.

The problem is that I was hoping to have a BIG (at least 40″), square ottoman. Tufting uses up a lot of fabric, about six inches for each tuft.

Fabric length is not problem, but I needed to figure out either how to get fabric that’s wide enough… or how to piece it so the seams wouldn’t show.

For example… a 40-inch ottoman with just four tufts needs fabric that starts at 64″ wide…not even counting side depth and wrap around fabric for the bottom.  Otherwise, the fabric will have to be pieced…somehow.

After lots of research, I think I have that “somehow” figured out. I’ll be combining several tutorials to make something that I hope will look like a larger version of this one from Ballard Designs.
It won’t be finished overnight…but it’s definitely the current item on the list. And, yes, the results could be something for the “fail” column. But I’m finally ready to try it.

Cross your fingers. Here we go…