Decorating Hacks – Color Everything from Walls to Pillows

Yesterday, I shared how adding a few punches of color could freshen up a room.

It did…a little. But check out this TOTAL room makeover!

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Same room as yesterday, but a COMPLETELY different feel, would you agree?

Frankly, I’m a little stunned myself!

I’d love to say I cleared out the room and painted it (including the fifth wall, i.e., ceiling).

Actually, it’s a virtual makeover using Benjamin Moore’s online paint tool. Upload your room photo, select the tool and start playing with color! I’ve visited these sites before, but have never been able to use MY rooms. I’m not sure when technology caught up, and maybe I’m just the last one at the party, but if you’re like me and haven’t checked these sites out in a while, it’s definitely a game changer.

It does take a little finessing to get the wall surfaces properly selected, but once you do, it’s a snap to start switching colors around.

Seeing the impact that a change in wall color had on yesterday’s fairly lifeless room, I am definitely going to revisit painting. The visualizer doesn’t just generate flat color…it also incorporates the effects of your room’s lighting and shadows.  Being able to visualize colors I would have never considered with my own furnishings, shadows and all…I’m just blown away by the possibilities!

Better yet…why stop at the walls?  Let’s say you wanted to paint your dresser.  Use the selector tools and you can even paint that surface…like I did here with these pillows:



I even gave my dresser makeover a makeover 🙂


I used the Benjamin Moore site, but this capability is now also available at Sherwin-Williams, Pittsburg Paints, Valspar, Olympic, and Glidden.

Honestly, I may just start painting the whole house all over again…


Virtual Decorator

use a color visualizer to update your room


  • Khadija

    WOW! I didn’t know you could do your actual rooms. I’m going to have to try this!

    • EmDirr

      Yep, like with the storage ottoman photos…the room I took the pictures in is not our family room and had darker carpet and paint. I uploaded the picture and changed both the carpet AND the walls to a lighter color. Easy peasy!