Calling all Opinions! K’s Makeover Plan

Before I continue with K’s story…I’d love to bounce the plan off someone and I’m definitely open to suggestions.

There are so many great ways to take this project and as I mentioned earlier…I am terrible about making final decisions! I have ideas, I just can’t commit!

Here’s a photo of what I had in mind all along…
This was finished in a dark navy with brass hardware. Beautiful job!


from Saw Nail and Paint

Or this creamy version:

Serpentine Dresser3

from The Uncluttered Lifestyle

Or to make things interesting, painted drawers and stained frame, which looks really cool here:


from Just a Girl Blog

I loved this last one, but I was originally planning to use black paint with stained drawers and top. Love those serpentine curves and I’d like to show them off!

I’m a little ambivalent on the hardware, though. To be truthful, I had intended to use this beauty in a guest bath for linens, etc.  However, I’m loving K’s lines so I may keep her in the kitchen in our small sitting space (IF she fits without making the space too crowded).

I could brighten the brass locking hardware back to life…BUT our light fixtures/cabinet hardware are all in nickel. I have a clock on the wall in the kitchen with brass accents…and that’s staying (sentimental).  So, I’m thinking I might try a silver version of the liquid leaf product (like I used on my mailbox bird) to paint the brass dresser hardware once I’ve cleaned it up. Then, if that works, i would go ahead and buy nickel hardware for the drawer pulls.

And one last pause… The top two drawers have two handle-pull holes. I thought about filling them for a single centered knob versus a handle. Why? Because even the though the handle is centered on the drawer, there’s a difference in the depth. Not sure how I feel about that…but wonder if the hole fills would look odd when stained. See how I overthink?!IMG_2642

SO, if you’re someone with opinions, I’d love to hear them! Maybe there’s an option I hadn’t thought of…  We learn from each other and I’m open to new ideas 🙂

Finish, hardware color, drawer pulls…any thoughts?