Special Delivery – Updating the Mailbox

I like a little jewelry around the outside of the house. It’s not like you can actually hang an earring on an eave…but there are plenty of ways to set the mood of a house before you enter it, and one of my favorites it to bling up the mailbox.


But this is also a cautionary tale. Blinged up mailboxes can get dated. Even your once lovely worth-a-drive-just-to-see-it Mackenzie-Childs-inspired masterpiece will weather, crack and peel.

And, Baby, that’s a streetside billboard of neglect. (I’m taking to YOU, EM!)

So be prepared to swap out your aging magnum opus—even for an out-of-the-box solid black or white—while your planning your next project. Better to have a bland box than a curbside catastrophe.

I’d love to recreate the mailbox in the first photo above…it was my favorite so far! But it took more time than I have right now, so I’m going to try a quickie using wrapping paper, fabric, and Mod Podge. I’ve had great luck with Mod Podge on other outdoor applications, so it’s time to try it on the mailbox.

So…I’m off to get ‘er done. And I’ll be back to share the result.

In the meantime, I plan to salvage the old mailbox and repurpose it.  Its new home will be in the back of the yard, where it will house a roll of paper towels so I can wipe off our dew-covered chairs in the morning during our daily coffee walk.