On July – Why I love my favorite month

I just wanted to take a moment to pay homage to July.

I love July… My normally freezing feet love July. I love the hot sun, the thunder storms, the occasional teeming rain.

I love being able to grab a handful of raspberries and pop ‘em in my mouth while gardening.


I love sitting back and enjoying the flowers I’ve planted.

Garden - DustandDoghair.com

I love the discount the nurseries offer because planting season is dwindling, even though there’s probably eight weeks left until we’ll see frost.

I love the fireflies that look as though paparazzi have invaded the neighborhood.

I love seeing the hummingbird moths (snowberry clearwing) that love my garden…   coolest. bug. ever.

hummingbird moth, snowberry clearwing, flying shrimp

I love that the kids stay up late and there’s no homework, book reports or projects due.

I love fireworks and celebrating our independence.

I love all the street festivals, garden walks and farmers’ markets.

I love having morning coffee while “walking the yard” with hubs.

I love finding deer seeking shade under a tree in the yard.deer

I love watching our lab in the kiddy pool (and watching her sneak in the big pool when she thinks she can get away with it).Lab in a Kiddy Pool

I love cutting the grass a little less, and letting it grow a little longer.

I love having a cold beverage on the front porch.

I love that I won’t have to think about kids’ physicals, school forms or back-to-school until next month.

Back to school…eesh…just spoiled the mood.



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