Valspar Seine Paint, Decorating a long hallway

Gallery Wall in the Long Hallway – Part 1

We have two verrrry long hallways in our house. No surprise that one is directly one floor above the other, but the one I’m tackling now is the recently painted downstairs back hall. Truth be told, we have a very nice front foyer, but I guess most people think visiting via the back door is easier. Thinking about it, I […]

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Christmas in July?

Christmas in July has never done it for me. Not that the normal Christmas marketing season is much less offensive, but, wow…that’s always seemed way over the top. That said: yes, I am thinking about Christmas…in July. Aside from the primary celebration of the true meaning of Christmas (which we keep in focus), we also greatly look forward to decorating for […]

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On July – Why I love my favorite month

I just wanted to take a moment to pay homage to July. I love July… My normally freezing feet love July. I love the hot sun, the thunder storms, the occasional teeming rain. I love being able to grab a handful of raspberries and pop ‘em in my mouth while gardening. I love sitting back and enjoying the flowers I’ve […]

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Murray's Hosta Farm, hosta garden, shade garden, hosta varieties, flowering hostas

Hosta Garden: a Shady Solution

My mom has always been a fan of hostas, a leafy garden staple for shady spots. I thought they were nice, but preferred the color punch of annuals and flowering perennials. Hubs was not a fan at all…he thought they were boring. Until now. Now we’re in hostalove. The great change? We visited a hosta farm…yes, there is such a […]

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Oh, Deer…(Deterrent)!

  With a new hosta garden nearly completed (more on that later), we wanted to keep our latest plantings from becoming a wildlife salad bar. I’ve found a lot of great tips on Pinterest and elsewhere about using Irish Spring soap as a deer deterrent. We’ve been using it the for past few years and I have to say, I […]

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clean dishwasher, dishwasher cleaner. dishwashing detergent

Adventures in Dishwashing Detergent… (it’s not you, it’s me)

I can be a little headstrong. I see those dishwashing detergent commercials and SMH when the family loads their pans and icky casserole dishes into the machine and pulls them out sparkling. Yeah, sure. I’d buy new glasses and give them a first wash and… already want new glasses. Clouds were just always part of our beverage experience. I thought […]

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