LET IT GO, Let It Go…

via DustandDoghair.comAh, the Bird-Fell-Out-Of-The-Nest Dilemma… I just came across my first-of-the-season chick in the grass…well, actually, Kelly did. As any self-respecting Labrador would, she usually toys with her happy discoveries…but knowing I was clued in, she had a good sniff, glanced back and left the young robin alone.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve made many a spectacle of myself thinking these fledglings needed my help…chasing these frantic birds that hopped-flew their way into the bushes, capturing them, and putting them back into nests (much to the glee of my kids who are plenty willing to make me their newest “Vine”).

A little later, I’d find the same bird right back on the ground again. I’ve also found a share of others that didn’t make it…for any of a number of reasons (and I wouldn’t rule out Kelly OR Jack (he only weighs five pounds, but he likes a good chase, too).

Truth-be-told, this one did look a little young, and if I could have easily slipped it back into a low-branched nest, I’d have probably given it a gloved whirl. (The glove is for me, not because the of the mamma would “smell” me wives tale.) But the the nest was pretty high up in a sap-soaked tree. And I usually reserve that sticky bath for the annual hanging of the hammock.

Not to worry…bird parents are usually nearby and will continue to care for their young…including food deliveries.

To interfere, or not interfere?  Check it out here, courtesy of the Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife:  http://wdfw.wa.gov/