Banded Drapery Panels

With a plan in place to grant my husband’s wish for blackout curtains in the MBR (Band-aid Decor), my visit to the fabric store was a success. I found just the contrast piece I needed for my banded drapery panels (because I told myself I was not allowed to leave without making a selection).

Here’s my fabric choice:

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I’ve had these prints on the wall forever, and think the fabric is a great color match.


A trip to the local Home Depot was also successful. I found the perfect drapery rods with a finial (end cap) that picks up a detail in Hub’s lamp selection. So, installing the rods was the first thing I did. That way, when I finish the banded window treatment, I won’t have to wait to hang them, and, because I’m working with readymades, I can use the rods to visualize some of my choices (length, banding placement, etc.) and help me decide.

As to the banded panels, I have one triple-width window and one single.

For the triple window, I needed four panels (the ones I purchased are 40” x 84”) to cover the width. I played with the idea of leaving the four panels separate as there is a space between each window where I could have stacked them. But, I felt the readymades were too narrow for that to look the way I wanted, so, I decided to sew two sets of panels together and have everything stack to the sides.

I wanted the banding to occur at the upper part of the window in case I ended up having furniture in front of the windows…I am planning to move things around a bit. I laid it out both ways: keeping a wider border around the grommets to line up with the window molding, or a thin header (a thin grommet border at top of the panel) and chose the latter.

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I sliced the panels horizontally, leaving an appropriate seam allowance.  (For the triple windows, I sewed two sets of two panels together FIRST before cutting them across.) Next, I attached the panel of selected fabric and added blackout lining to the back of the insert.  Then, I “covered my tracks”on the front with a layer of trim at the top and bottom of the insert.  (If anyone needs more detail, please let me know…I kept good notes 🙂 )

Converting ready made curtains into banded window treatments was an economical project that had big impact on the Master Bed Room.  Here’s the after.

banded drapery panels, banded window treatments, banded panels, budget windows, banded curtains

banded drapery panels, banded window treatments, banded panels, budget windows, banded curtains

DIY Banded Panels, bedroom windows, blackout curtainsThe rest of the room is set for a redo…I have plans to update the bedding and I’ve already rearranged the room…but I’ll save that for another day.

Until, then… I’ll bask in the lack of glow from the windows in the morning, the gratitude of a grateful spouse, and the extra cash in my wallet…which I intend to use to update my bedding and decorative accents.


  • Em, I love how the panels reflect the colours and style of your print on the wall. This is a stroke of genius. I never would have thought to customise existing curtains this way. Just stunning! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frugal. Love, Mimi xxx