Band-Aid Decor: MBR Windows

I have a tough time purchasing store-bought window treatments. Not that there aren’t great ready-made choices (now many even include interlining)…but as someone who loves to sew, I just don’t get the same satisfaction.  And… I. want. them. to. be. just. right.

With freshly painted first floor walls in a new color, I have my tasks pretty well laid out for me.

One I’ve been ignoring for a long time though, is the master bed room (“master” lol). Some time ago, Hubs painted the walls in Valspar’s Eddie Bauer Mercer Blue, and I really liked the contrast with the white molding and wood blinds. But he’s been asking for blackout curtains for, well, forever.

What I needed was what I call band-aid decor, a quick fix that takes care of a problem…fast and frugally.  Lush, interlined panels would drape beautifully, but when stacked would cover more of the window than I wanted (which is why I originally chose wood blinds).

The biggest challenges:

-finding a good color to match/coordinate/pick up Mercer Blue (blue/grey/green)

-stacks thin because the windows are close to the wall corners

-not wanting to spend weeks or lots of $$ on them

-wanting them to look like I spent weeks and lots of $$ on them

During a recent visit to the local Homegoods store I discovered faux-silk panels in “Indigo”– that were thermal lined (and an unlined version in the same color by a different name: Mallard Blue). A rose is a rose, baby! They looked Mercer Blue to me!  The “thermal lining” is white on the back (all my window treatments are lined in white), and the thickness causes the panels to be black-out dark.

I knew that they were short for the window…we wanted the panels to hang just below the ceiling. But c’mon… that color was spot on! …and so was the price: three pairs of panels for about $90.

(Play I Spy and see if you can find the purchased panels in this picture)via

What I needed was a way to get some extra length. I did a week-long-ish internet study of pelments as a way to bring the look to the ceiling and hide the rods hung at the top of the window molding.

But… the pelmets would need to be deeper/taller than I really wanted them to be. So,while surfing for ideas for other windows I came across these instead:


278x379xtoile-curtains3.gif.pagespeed.ic.2upyyFoalv 278x379xtoile-curtains1.gif.pagespeed.ic.emisbcgNH-



and these




and these


from Kristi at


So that’s the new direction I’m headed. And I’m excited, as it will give me an opportunity to tie in the sand colored sectional in the other half of the room.

So…I’m off to the fabric store. If I’m not back by tomorrow, send help!