via DustandDoghair.comAfter a few initial hems and haws from a couple of our kids (rarely fans of change), we’ve all decided we love the new paint. We’ve used a Benjamin Moore mix of Valspar’s Seine in the downstairs and upstairs hallway, and also extended it into the family room as it is somewhat open from the foyer.

The room gets tons of light when the shades are up so the color works great there. And it’s movie-theatre cozy with shades drawn and lights out for movie watching.

I also knee-jerk decided to use Seine in the back hallway powder room and it is by far my favorite use of it. I love how warmly the color plays with the lighting.


Truth be told there are places where Seine choice fails the “Lights Off Test” (i.e., too dark with the lights off). In certain spaces, particularly on cloudy days with the lights off, it is very dark. That’s definitely true in our long upstairs hallway..BUT… we love it anyway, especially in the evening.


Also, I noted in the last post that I loved that the grey color has a brown undertone. Turns out everyone else sees green undertones….especially the camera!


But brown, green, grey…whatever! I’m just glad that the decision has been made and the job is over.  There’s still the kitchen to paint and then it will be time to go back and update the decor in all those areas.  (See Whole-house Decorating – Chaos Style)

Ultimately, it passes OUR test…which is really the point. “Eye of the beholder”…right?