Why I’m Here….

I think I became an “inspiration junkie.”

Maybe you’ve suffered from it: you surreally gaze at DIY and home improvement blogs, websites, Pinterest, etc, gleaning a never ending supply of tips and ideas.  You begin to believe that when everyone else makes their bed, they do it with a Kreg Jig…

Truth is, somewhere along the line I started losing my day scouring everyone else’s ideas online…which made me ask myself, “when did I stop doing my own projects and start only reading about other people’s accomplishments?”

I decided to take a first step to turn inspiration into action.

And here it is.  This little journal is a way to keep myself on track.  Kind of like announcing to the world I’m on a diet so I’ll be more likely to stick to it.  Hmm, we’ll see….

I toyed with naming this site WhatDidYouDoAllDay.com, but that’s too much typing, and I already paid for the other name. SO, I kept it as is for now, along with the tagline, which says next to nothing about my blog other than to hint at a sense of humor and to inadvertently warn you not to eat anything or sit on anything in my house or, well, you know…

I’ll still check in to see how Kristi’s bathroom is coming along, see what Ana is building, find tutorials on hypertufa, and scan Pinterest to see the miracle way to clean my cookie sheets.

But it’s time to kickstart my own projects.

Let’s get to it.