White Lights or Color Lights?

I did something a little crazy this year, even by my own standards. Although I enjoy it so much when it’s completed, I usually HATE putting up our big Christmas tree. (okay, not “hate,” how about “passionate dislike”) It’s an 11-year old, 10-foot tree with “some assembly required”…in this case, that means the entire tree. Some of it is held […]

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“Her pictures are REALLY bugging me!”

I feel your pain!  They’ve always bugged me, too! Last week, Hometalk featured my summary post about the overmantel project. (Everyone who is sick of the overmantel project, raise your hand.  Mine is also raised, lol.  I’m already on to the next thing(s).) I’m grateful for the positive comments I received, as well as the constructive criticism…because I am NOT a decorator […]

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DIY Fireplace Overmantel Project – Lessons Learned

What? You’re NOT planning to build a fireplace overmantel?!  Believe me, no worries!  Not everyone needs a DIY Mirror Tile Overmantel. However…I always seem to find at least one tip from tutorials I read that are of value later. So here’s a takeaway tip for anyone: DO NOT (ever, ever, ever) leave things on the top of a ladder…even if you think you’ll […]

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My DIY Beveled Mirror Overmantel

My overmantel mirror project is completed! (Cue the choir of angels and the Alleluia Chorus.) If you care to read about the background of this project…some of the options, and how I came to decide on this particular version, you can read about it here. As I noted in the last post, Mr. D&D was not keen on this idea. […]

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Hey! Whatever Happened to that Overmantel Project?

March 29th. That was the last time I mentioned my “big” idea to build an overmantel for this fireplace. If you’re new, I’d been searching for a way to fill that GIANT wall space and came across this picture on Houzz. This became my inspiration:   Six weeks later, on April 22, I put a few pictures up on Facebook. (I […]

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assisted living options, independent living, senior living

“I hate it, I Hate It, I HATE IT…!” – (Senior Living Choices)

Last post, I noted that elder care has been the focus of our latest “everyday adventures”. Here’s our current recipe: Add one cup of elderly, five cups of worry, three cups of time, six cups of patience, and a cup-and-a-half of irreverent humor. Drop in a quarter-cup of guilt (yep, only one-quarter and only when I’m not thinking straight). Stir frantically with no attention to […]

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great read by laurel bern on throw pillows

Everyday Adventures …. and a Recommendation for Your Must-Read List

One of the everyday adventures that has occupied some of our time this year is eldercare. Mr. D&D and I are blessed to still have three of our four parents, ranging in age from 80 to 92. The opportunity to help your parents is a gift…and we’re shoulder high in opportunity this month. So, I’m just checking in to say that […]

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Garden Lighting – “Magical” Ground Cover

It’s certainly not unusual to see people using clear Christmas string lights in their yard. I often see this beautiful photo (among others) on Pinterest:   But I have another way to use these lights that I haven’t seen posted yet: I light my ground cover. If you have pachysandra, english ivy, or some other dense, sturdy plant in your landscape, […]

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Hang your solar chandelier from tree branches

Garden Lighting Options – Solar Chandeliers

Summer is winding down and pretty soon I’ll be back to my growing list of indoor projects… But NOT TODAY! One of my favorite Pinterest/Google searches involves garden lighting.  I love how people use different techniques to illuminate their yards.  Some of those photos are so beautiful…magical, even. And some are totally bogus (I’m looking at you, brightly illuminated “glow-in the-dark” planter […]

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Outdoor Chess Garden

Outdoor Chess Garden (and an Accidental Four-Square Court)

In my last post (Outdoor Chess on Any Budget), I mentioned that we were completely hung up on one small detail to finish our backyard chess board. Keep in mind, you DON’T have to buy a set or pour a concrete pad in your yard to have a chess garden of your own.  The last post shows all kinds of […]

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